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There are a few million different versions of Quake: the original DOS Quake (v1.08), WinQuake (v1.09), and GLQuake (v0.97/v1.09). Collectively, those three are now often referred to as NetQuake or NormalQuake (NQ), in reference to the original predictionless network code.

Additionally, QuakeWorld was released by id Software to support larger games over wider networks (namely, the Internet). There is the QuakeWorld client (v2.30), the QuakeWorld server (v2.30), and the GLQuakeWorld client (v2.30).

There are also Linux equivalents for each version.

Finally, with the source to the game engine released, there are a myriad different slightly modified Quake engines. Those should include their own installation documentation and are beyond the scope of this entry.

Installing Under DOS or Windows[edit]

First, a copy of the game is required. The shareware (demo) version is available free of charge from id Software's store, as well as various other Quake sites and file repositories. The full retail version of the game can also be purchased at id's store.

If downloading the shareware version, unzip the archive (with WinZip or your favorite other unzippish program) into a temporary directory and run the installation batch file (install.bat). If running Windows, you'll want to do this from a Command Prompt.

If installing from a CD, either run setup.exe under Windows or the installation batch file (install.bat) under DOS, and follow the instructions. By default it will install to C:\Quake. You'll need about 59MB hard drive space free for the retail version, and about 26MB for the shareware version.

That will put the base installation onto your hard drive. The shareware version currently available and most retail CDs include version 1.06 of the game. From v1.06 onward, the only changes to the game have been changes in the executable file only (quake.exe), so if you do not intend to run the old DOS Quake (and indeed, if you're using Windows 2000/XP, you can't anyway); it's not necessary to bother upgrading to 1.08.

However, if you are going to use the DOS version, or just want your installation complete for completeness' sake, find the file from your favorite file repository (search for "Quake 1.08 Patch"). Unzip the file into your Quake directory, and it will replace the quake.exe file with an updated one. You're good to go.


Installing Under Linux[edit]

Contrary to popular myth, it is not nessessary to have an evile OS like DOS or Windows to install Quake on a Linux box. Installation is fairly simple if you have a basic familiarity with the Linux command line.

  1. Mount your Quake CD-ROM.
  2. Check if there's a file named resource.1 on it. If so, skip to step 4.
  3. If not, cat (1) the files named quake101.1 and quake101.2 together to make your own resource.1.
  4. Create and change to a directory to install Quake into.
  5. Use the lha (1) archive tool to extract resource.1. This will create a bunch of files. The id1 directory and it's contents are all you really need, but you may want to hold on to the documentation that's included.
  6. Download and install the Linux executables. You can find them at the QuakeWorld website or at id Software's FTP site.

For fully detailed instructions (and more handy tips than you can shake a boomstick at) see the Linux Quake HOWTO.




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