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Author: id Software
Based on: Quake
First release:  ?
Newest release:  ?
Website:  ?

id Software released a replacement for QUAKE.EXE called WinQuake (WINQUAKE.EXE). Instead of being for DOS, it is for any version of Windows (95/98/Me/NT/XP/2003/Vista). It's the first, most basic and most widely compatible Quake engine for Windows.

WinQuake accesses your computer's hardware through Windows APIs. It includes support for DirectX 3.0 and up, and VESA VBE video modes, if available. WinQuake is not 3D accelerated like GLQuake; it looks and runs just like the DOS engine, but has more video modes which you can access via the Options menu in the game. It also lets you choose between running full-screen or in a window. It removes support for serial and modem-to-modem networking.

WinQuake supports both Quake mission packs (command-line startup options -hipnotic and -rogue).

Official distribution:

  • v1.00 of WinQuake (Quake 1.09; March 1997) is contained, along with support files, in