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Talk:Quake palette

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The first bytes in my copy are "0000 0f00 0f0f". These are index 0: 00 00 00, index 1: 0f 0f 0f. So I guess it is in "16 bit per word" and "little endian"? Could someone with a clue check and add that to the page? Thanks! Spirit (talk) 11:26, 30 March 2013 (UTC)

Last byte in palette.lmp[edit]

The last byte in palette.lmp is 0x20 (32 in hex), there are 32 colors at the end of the palette that are fullbright.

In vid.h of the quake source code,there is a global struct viddef_t which has the parameter fullbright, the comment after it says that this is the starting index into the list of fullbrights colors. So presumably, that is where it is used. What exactly for needs to be checked. -'Read the IP address'