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"Thou canst not kill which dost not live. But you can blast it into chunky kibbles."

Health 60
Gib threshold {{{gibthresh}}}
Attacks Thrown gibs
Drop nothing
1st appearance e1m3
Game version Shareware
Death message Player joins the Zombies
† The data files for monsters that appear only in the registered version of Quake reside in pak1.pak rather than pak0.pak.

Zombies are truly unique. They rip pieces of flesh off themselves and throw them at you for their attack. To kill them, you must gib them. If you do not, they will simply fall over and get up later. To gib them you will need to bring their health to -40, meaning you need to 120 damage in a single instance, this is most easily done with explosives as demonstrated in demo1.dem but can also be achieved via Quad Damage attacks with other weapons, or a Thunderbolt discharge of at least 3 cells.


Entity type point
Entity class monster
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 64
Quake-C zombie.qc
Precaches progs/zombie.mdl


Entity information

monster_zombie is the entity for placing Zombies in a level.




targetname The targetname of the Zombie. When triggered, the Zombie will wake up if inactive.
target The targetname of the entity to be triggered when the Zombie dies.
killtarget The targetname of the entity to be removed when the Zombie dies.


The monster_army entity supports the following spawnflags:

Flag Common Name Description
1 Ambush The Zombie will not wake up from seeing other monsters wake up or hearing sounds.
2 Crucified The Zombie will become a writhing cruified Zombie prop that can be used as level decoration and is not treated as a monster in game.

It also supports the standard spawnflags for difficulty and deathmatch presence.

Flag Common Name Description
256 Not on Easy The Zombie will not spawn on Easy difficulty.
512 Not on Normal The Zombie will not spawn on Normal difficulty.
1024 Not on Hard The Zombie will not spawn on Hard difficulty.
2048 Not in Deathmatch The Zombie will not spawn in Deathmatch mode.


FGD Definition

This is the format used by TrenchBroom and Worldcraft. Note that the model(...) parameter is not supported by Worldcraft. This does not include the Monster base class definition, which is also required.

@PointClass base(Monster) size(-16 -16 -24, 16 16 40) model(":progs/zombie.mdl")
    = monster_zombie : "Zombie" []
	spawnflags(Flags) = 
		1 : "Crucified" : 0
		2 : "Ambush" : 0

DEF Definition

This is the definition format used for most old Quake editors, including the original QuakeEd.

/*QUAKED monster_zombie (1 0 0) (-16 -16 -24) (16 16 40) Ambush