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"Try it. You'll like it. Use the same technique as watering your rosebush."

Ammunition type Cells
Ammunition usage: 1 per shot
Shot type: Hitscan
Damage per shot: 30
Damage per second (max): 300
Range: 600 units
Cycle Time: 0.1 s
First appearance: E2M5
Obituaries: (Target) accepts (attacker)'s shaft.
(Target) accepts (attacker)'s discharge.
(Target) discharges into water/slime/lava.

The Lightning Gun, also known as Thunderbolt or Shaft is only available in the registered version of Quake. It fires a short-ranged bolt of lightning similar to the Shambler's attack. Don't fire it under water, or it will explode, killing you and anyone else nearby, unless, of course, you have the Pentagram of Protection.


  • The thunderbolt underwater discharge works like an ordinary explosion, calling T_RadiusDamage with 35 times the player's current cell ammo as a radius. Therefore, as it doesn't actually checks to see if targets are also underwater, it will also affect targets out of the water as long as the line of sight to them is unobstructed.
  • Thunderbolt QuakeC implementation contains some dead code which apparently was supposed to send deathmatch opponents flying on successful hit.
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