Grenade Launcher

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Grenade Launcher

"Thumps neat exploding bombs into the air. You can even bounce a grenade off the wall or floor. When a grenade hits someone, it explodes. If it misses, the bomb sits n the floor for a moment, then explodes. Even though I sometimes bounce renades into myself, this gun's still my favorite."

Ammunition type Rockets
Ammunition usage: 1 per shot
Shot type: Bouncing projectile
Damage per shot: 120 direct hit, up to 120 splash damage
Damage per second (max): 200
Range: ~900 units (maximum throw distance)
Cycle Time: 0.6s
First appearance: E1M3
Obituaries: (Target) eats (attacker)'s pineapple.
(Target) was gibbed by (attacker)'s grenade.
(Target) tries to put the pin back in.

Commonly used to spam lower sections of a map in multiplayer deathmatch, the Grenade Launcher shoots... you guessed it - a grenade at an arch, it explodes either after 2.5 seconds of bouncing or lying around, or instantly if coming in contact with a player or monster while airborne. The explosion gives off quite a damaging blast radius.

The Shambler takes half damage from the grenade launcher.

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