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"A two-barrel dingus that prickles bad guys with armor-piercing darts, technically termed 'nails'."

Ammunition type Nails
Ammunition usage: 1 per shot
Shot type: Projectile
Damage per shot: 9
Damage per second (max): 45
Range: 6000 units
Cycle Time: 0.2s
First appearance: E1M1
Obituaries: (Target) was nailed by (attacker).

An effective rapid-fire weapon, useful for long-range situations when accuracy is the key. It fires projectiles, so remember to lead moving targets. On the subject of armor piercing, the only weapon that armour has any effect (positive or negative) on is the rocket/grenade launcher vs the Shambler's armor. The nailgun will always deal a total of 9 damage per nail divided between the target's armor and health.

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